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Drive more direct booking with Accom Click

Accom Click is a simple platform, intuitive and responsive user experience across all devices. Be instantly bookable through your hotel website and reduce your dependence on third-party sales networks. Bring back users who have abandoned the booking process with an inviting recapture and re-engagement experience that makes it easy for returning guests to complete the booking process. Via our platform, we enable properties to compete alongside the biggest brands in hospitality, no matter their size.

Make your hotel more visible and be found by guests across the globe.

Drive direct bookings via your hotel website so you can have direct interaction with guest and pay less commission.

Use data to understand demand and offer pricing that’s both competitive and optimal for-profit margins.

Facebook integration allows your guests to book direct from your Facebook page.


Hotel can offer special promotional packages and discounts to attract potential bookers.


Offer special discounted rates by giving secret code to corporate guests and VIP Club Members, making them feel elite and enticing them to visit you again.

Mobile friendly booking engine, with this let your guest access the booking engine page from any device.

Seamless and user-friendly booking engine will enable the guest to effortlessly book with your hotel, leading to increase in hotel revenue.

Personalise touch every step of the booking process
  • Upsell guests with promotional rates and packages, early-bird and last-minute deals, extended-stay discounts, and extras to increase your revenue and guest loyalty.
  • Develop guest relationships with fully-customisable emails – pre-, during and post-stay – that drive guest experience and repeat business.


How this benefits your hotel
  • Increased direct bookings.
  • Heightened guest spends .
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities that encourage guests to upgrade and extend their stays.
  • Recaptured revenue from guests who have abandoned the booking process.
  • Get guests over the line quicker with prominent urgency and sales messages.
  • Display your best available rates against those offered by OTAs.
  • Enhance your guests’ online experience with the integration of an elegant hotel website.


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